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Our Jewelry

I strive to provide unique, one of a kind designs.

Genesis 1:1

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”

More and more people are realizing God’s creations have a purpose. 

These are some of the stones, crystals and Pearls used in my jewelry designs. 

I honor the creator and am thankful for the creation.

This is a VERY brief overview of certain properties.

Agate - Calming and a stabilizer.

Amethyst- The ultimate calming stone

Amazonite - Known to clear the air of toxic, negative energy.

Aquamarine - Washes away negative emotions and toxic energy.

Aventurine - Considered a stone of prosperity.

Chalcedony - Brings mind, body, and spirit into alignment.

Feldspar - Enhances self respect, self esteem and and self awareness.

Hematite - Helps you stay grounded and focused

Howlite - Calming

Jasper - Greater mental focus. Strengthen the mind-body connection.

Labradorite - Believed to relieve stress and regulate metabolism.

Lava Stones - Grounding

Obsidian - Known to build a bridge to acceptance and confidence.

Rose Quartz Crystal - Helps you in giving and accepting all forms of love. Including self-love!

Soapstone - Believed to have a soothing, balancing effect while creating a positive, calming energy.

Sunstone - Helps root you in confidence, vitality, and leadership.

Tigereye - Believed to alleviate fear and anxiety, and self-doubt.

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These pieces are made with Love and expertise..I am over the moon with my two new pieces I received today... I can’t stop looking at them the colors and the brilliance.. Thank you for helping me to love Me..You make me shine and feel loved with them.. Going back to my wish list as we speak..

Over the moon!

Just received my earrings. They are so Beautiful and Intricate in detail. They make me feel Delicate and even More Feminine. I Love Them. Will Definitely be buying more. A girl can never have too much jewelry.

A girl can never have too much jewelry.
My earrings are just lovely! The materials are high quality, solid, well made. The design is classic simplicity and elegance. I absolutely love them! I highly recommend Daughter Nature products!
My earrings are just lovely!

The craftsmanship is only outdone by the artistic gift. Thank you so much DaughterNature.com. I love it and look forward to many more of your classic designs.

I love it

The Artist

Tânia-Maria was born and raised in Brazil and has always appreciated colors, textures, stones, beads and art from various cultures.  Her creations reflect her passion. She now resides in the United States.

Have a question? She will get back to you ASAP!